Project implementation includes the two processes of project plan execution and project control.

Preparation for Project Implementation

Plan Verification
Prior to the project plan execution, the project team should verify whether the project plan is complete, reasonable, practical and feasible, whether the required resources are assurable, and whether the authorizations of the project team are approved. The plan verification is the process of mobilizing the project team members.

Plan Charter
A plan charter is a formal document signed by the project stakeholders that recognizes that the project will be executed based on the plan. If some stakeholders are unwilling to sign the document, it may mean that they do not understand the significance of the project, their responsibilities, and the project risks. The project manager should make them understand to obtain their full support.

Project Mobilization
The project team members should be mobilized to put their efforts into the project execution. The propagandas on the project will convince the project stakeholders of the achievement of the project objectives.

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