Minimum Program Requirements 6

MPR6-Must Commit to Sharing whole-building energy and water usage data

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All rating systems

All certified projects must commit to sharing with USGBC and/or GBCI all available actual whole-project energy and water usage data for a period of at least 5 years. This period starts on the date that the LEED project begins typical physical occupancy if certifying under New Construction, Core & Shell, Schools, or Commercial Interiors, or the date that the building is awarded certification if certifying under Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance. Sharing this data includes supplying information on a regular basis in a free, accessible, and secure online tool or, if necessary, taking any action to authorize the collection of information directly from service or utility providers. This commitment must carry forward if the building or space changes ownership or lessee

Project teams may choose to comply with LEED 2009’s MPR6 by utilizing a USGBC Approved Data Template or a Third Party Data Source. We will update this list as we enable support for additional data sources. USGBC currently accepts energy and water data in the following ways:

· USGBC Approved Data Template

Submit data in via ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager Data Upload Templates. Projects that choose this option must be prepared to send it to USGBC within 2-weeks of the request; as a general rule, USGBC will aim to collect data two-times per year.

· Third Party Data Source

· Coming Soon: Share data using one of USGBC’s App Lab partners. These apps are created by authorized partners and are designed to automate data submission into LEED Online. Contact us to learn more about connecting with an existing data management system.

· Share data through the EPA’s ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager Tool by creating a portfolio in Portfolio Manager and adding your LEED building (if you have not done so already) and providing account access to USGBC – LEED Performance Reporting.
For instructions on registering in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager or sharing access with an account, refer below or visit the ENERGY STAR website.

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