Functions of the Project manager

  • Planning
  • Orginizing
  • Leading
  • Controling

Roles of the project manager

  • integrator
  • communicator
  • team leader
  • decision maker


Leadership styles

Autocratic  PM makes decision without soliciting information from the team (Theory X manager)

Consultive  Intensive information solicited, PM makes decisions

Consensus  Team makes decision; open discussion and information gathering by team

Shareholder  Little or no information exchange; team has ultimate authority for final decision

(Participative leaders. Known as a Theory Y manager)


  Ten Characteristics of a Servant Leader

Leadership Theories

Theory X (employee Lack ambition)
Theory Y (Org structura are responsible for motivation)

Tennenabaum- Schmidt Model
Continium of Leadership styles between autocratic and participate styles

Blake and Mouton
ref to management grid (Concern for People vs Concern for Production) whereas 1,1 is laissez fair management
1,9 is Country Club Management
9,1 is task oriented management
5,5 is Compromise management
9,9 is team management

Pfeffer defines power as “the potential ability to influence behavior, to change the course of events, to overcome resistance, and to get people to do things that they would not otherwise do.”…The negative sense, of course derives from the fact that attempts to reconcile these interests result in power struggles and organizational games that can sometimes take on a thoroughly unproductive life of their own.

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