Indoor Environmental Quality

Indoor Air Quality

1.Enforce a no-smoking policy in and around the building, especially around the entrances, air-intakes, and operable windows.
2.Design adequate ventilation systems per ASHRAE 62, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality, to supply outside air to occupants.
3.Monitor carbon dioxide, and tie this system with ventilation systems.
4.Install filters with high MERV ratings in the ventilation equipments.
5.Specify green materials/ low-emitting materials for new construction as well as renovations.
6.Prevent mold, dust, and particulate buildup during construction.
7.Conduct a flush-out before occupancy, by completely replacing old air with outdoor air.
8.Select cleaning products, and technologies to minimize contaminants.
9.Minimize use of pesticides, and other potentially toxic contaminants.

Thermal Comfort, Lighting, and Acoustics

1.Design the building to include natural daylight and views in regularly occupied areas of the building.
2.Install operable windows.
3.Provide temperature controls to the occupants.
4.Provide ventilation controls to the occupants.
5.Provide adjustable lighting controls to the occupants.
6.Conduct occupant surveys to access their satisfaction, and receive feedback. Make changes per their feedback.

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