Construction Safety Management

The construction industry has a distressingly poor safety record, whether measured in absolute terms or alongside other industries. The level of construction safety in a country is influenced by factors such as variations in the labour forces, shifting economies, insurance rates, legal ramifications and the stage of technological development. Yet the problem is a world-wide one, and many of the ways of tackling it can be applied across countries. Effective tools include designing, pre-planning, training, management commitment and the development of a safety culture.

Core elements of the construction safety program are: business and employee ownership, continuous improvement by analyzing safety performance and implementing industry best practices, creating and implementing a construction safety management system, and aligning program elements with regulations and global policy.

Safety Orientation
Our management  gives a general safety orientation program. Program highlights many of the elements of a good safety program:

  • Personal protective equipment
    Guardrail, ladder & scaffold safety
  • Trenching & excavating
  • Hoisting & movement of materials
  • Storage & good housekeeping
  • Fire safety & emergency procedures
  • Accident/incident reporting

Hazardous material handling

  • Labeling
    – Supplier & workplace
    – Hazard symbols
    – Other necessary information
  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)
    – The essential elements
  • Worker education

Field Level Hazard Assessment

asses current work practices and construction site.

Toolbox Training & Brochures:

These toolbox brochures outline specific hazards, jobs, tasks, & issues. A brochure can be reviewed and quickly discussed — right before the job starts so the information is fresh on everyone’s minds.

  • Handling Fires
  • Equipment Guards
  • Spray Painting
  • Materials Handling & Storage
  • Signs & Barricades
  • Overhead Power Lines
  • Swingstages
  • Gas Detection
  • Confined Spaces
  • Respiratory Protection
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